Thursday, January 3, 2008

Live On-Line Iowa Coverage

Election Night Live

Brave New Films

I have the live coverage from Brave New Films open in one window. Hubris Sonic updating GNB in another window, as he posts up the Iowa results. And the media site from Iowa in another window.

Basically, we've got a three-way tie going right now. Stick around. It's going to be fun.

The live show is fun -- but keep it in another window so you stick with us.

7:30pm ET: Adam Green,
7:45pm ET: Sam Seder, Air America
8:00pm ET: Faiz Shakir, Think Progress
8:15pm ET: Matt Stoller, Open Left
8:30pm ET: Sean Paul-Kelly, The Agonist
8:45pm ET: Todd Beeton, MyDD
9:00pm ET: Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation

Ellen Brodsky, News Hounds
Steve Clemons, The Washington Note
Ari Melber, The Nation
Richard Wolffe, Newsweek