Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Senator Dodd Smacks Down Everyone

Dodd: Is This About Our Security or Bush's Power?

Short version.

Dodd: FISA Floor Speech

The whole speech.

At least do yourself the favor of listening to the short version, as Senator Dodd lays the smack down on damn near everyone.

Then ask yourself, why in the hell was he the only presidential candidate who came back to the Senate today to filibuster? Clinton, Obama, Biden, they supported Dodd in spirit. But none of them pulled their ass off the campaign trail back to D.C. where they could make an actual difference. (Edwards isn't a Senator any longer, so he doesn't have that option.)

Chris Dodd did something amazing today. He stood down the Bush Administration. Along with our own Democratic Leadership, which was prepared to roll over and suck off George Bush and Dick Cheney one more time.

If one determined U.S. Senator can stop the cover-up of an illegal program dead in its tracks, what do you think 10 or 20 U.S. Senators could do?

Like Hubris Sonic says, I strongly encourage you to make a donation to Senator Dodd. It is important we reward our friends when they do good works.