Saturday, November 10, 2007

“A Dream of What It Meant To Come To America”

Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Immigration

Extraordinary. Humane. Precisely what he should be saying.

I grew up in Tucson. One of my friends has spent most of his life helping people who are here in this country without documentation. Our current immigration policy is an abomination.

Dennis Kucinich hits a home run. And while I am not a single-issue voter (you can't WIN my vote with a single issue) it is quite possible to LOSE my vote over a single issue -- abortion, the war, bankruptcy, immigration -- when your opponent keeps slamming home runs and you're hitting singles and doubles. (Or arguing with the ump, running off the baselines, interfering with the play, or any of the many ways you can get sent to the showers.)

Dennis Kucinich hits home runs. From impeachment to the war to immigration, Dennis is playing stronger early season ball than anyone in the game. If only he had the name recognition and big-league ball club budget of a Hillary, an Edwards or an Obama, I'd pick him for the Show and playoffs.

(Note to all you writers out there: Yes, I know you can only push a metaphor so far. Tough. I'm going to take this one about Dennis and baseball all the way out to the ballpark, buy it a dog and a beer. If you're really bothered, go copy edit something for charity. You'll feel better and I won't have to throw a knuckle ball at your head. No, I can't actually throw a knuckle ball. But I can pour a beer all over your nice leather jacket "accidentally", the next time we go to a ball game. Ask Scott Boras, A-Rods' $20 million dollar agent, who made the mistake of sitting directly in front of me on Alex's first trip back to Safe-Co Field after Alex moved to Texas. Heh.)

Returning... We're talking Dennis Kucinich on immigration, using the metaphor of him playing base ball. I was saying what a great home run hitter he is. Shortly I'll be saying what a great pitcher he is. I know we don't get people who both hit home runs and are great pitchers anymore. Tough. I liked Babe Ruth. Just go with it... Dennis Kucinich is too damn good to be true also. Kinda the point.

As it is, without a solid ball club strategy and major budget behind him, I think he'll be lucky to get through Super Tuesday and never get out of Double A ball. I don't think he's even got serious coverage from the big sporting papers. Who no doubt are afraid of showing the sporting world what a REAL player looks like; it would upset this year's storyline, and all those media outlets are owned by corporations to whom Mr. Kucinich wouldn't be especially friendly, and to whom Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Edwards will be. So let's keep Dennis down in Double A ball, and keep Hillary and John Edwards up in the big leagues, and let Obama have a few swings now and then but really he doesn't have much of a chance.

Damn shame about Dennis Kucinich. He's got better stuff than any other player out there, as far as I'm concerned. Great fastball, terrific change-up, but I especially love his control. He can put his heat anywhere on the plate he wants.

Last week, he threw that sucker right at the head of the Vice President. Almost took him down, too, if he hadn't been sent to the showers.

Got to love a pitcher who takes no shit from no one and stands up for his Country.

h/t DownWithTyranny!