Saturday, November 10, 2007

Camp Lejuene: Osprey Spontaneously Combusts

An MV-22 Osprey helicopter caught fire during a training mission and had to land at Camp Lejuene Tuesday night, officials from Cherry Point said Wednesday.

No one was injured in the emergency landing, according to a Wednesday release from Cherry Point. The Osprey’s crew evacuated the helicopter after activating on-board fire suppression systems.

The fire started in the helicopter’s nacelle, a streamlined enclosure for an aircraft engine. Cherry Point authorities said it caused “significant damage” to the nacelle. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. -- DangerRoom

The Pentagon has its thumb up it's ass on these MRAP vehicles. They can't seem to get them bought and deployed. I guess there are not enough retired generals and golf buddies working at these truck makers yet. But they managed to deploy a swarm of Ospreys with forward units. Amazing how quick that shit happened. They only thing Rumsfeld ever did that was of any use at all was quashing this stupid Osprey program. It cropped back up like Afghani poppy production hours after he was ousted.

As the Bell-Boeing guy said when they deployed the Osprey:
"There was a feeling of great excitement and at the same time we were praying for the safety of all the Marines," Leder said.

Yea, me too.