Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rape Survivor Denied Care "Appeared Intoxicated"

Male Doctor, Police, Repeatedly Refuse To Give Woman Rape Test!

Every time I think I can't be shocked any more.

Rat-fucking. Goat fucking. Being told to get fucked.


Literally a woman, 19, a Howard University sophomore, went to Howard University Hospital in Washington, District of Columbia with two (count them, one, two, that's TWO witnesses) and said she had been fucked. Raped to be precise. By virtue of a date-rape drug at an off-campus party in December 2006 that knocked her half out. "One of the hosts then took her to a room where he allegedly anally penetrated her at around 3 a.m."

She was fucked in the ass while half-unconscious because she got slipped a mickey. Allegedly.

A mickey. A drug which knocks you out, can scramble memory and leave you unable to move or fight back, even as your assailant is doing you while you lie there in horror being penetrated.

There is no correct response to rape.

There is no correct response to rape.

There is no correct response to rape.

This Howard University sophomore (and two friends) got herself, still massively out of it due to the date-rape drug, to Howard University Hospital, to the freaking Rape Crises Center for Howard University.

She went to the rape center with two friends as fast as she possibly could, even though she was vomiting, stumbling, and her ability to think clearly was massively compromised.



As if drinking had shit to do with having a penis stuck in your mouth, your rectum, your vagina, without your consent.

When you've been drinking, lack of consent is MORE likely. D'oh!
The GW Hatchet

A Howard student is suing the University for negligence and medical malpractice because she said she was raped and denied proper care at GW Hospital because she allegedly appeared intoxicated, according to documents filed in D.C. Superior Court.

The plaintiff, a 19-year-old sophomore, also filed suit against the District, Howard University Hospital and several local doctors. The complaint states she was given a date-rape drug at an off-campus party near Howard and was then denied a rape kit at several hospitals - including GW.

GW Hospital allegedly denied her treatment because doctors at Howard said she appeared intoxicated, according to court documents.

She is also suing the University and its hospital for negligent hiring.

The plaintiff is asking for compensatory damages, a court order to have her case properly investigated and revision of GW Hospital's rape treatment policies.

"There is no legitimate reason why it was handled this way," said Bruce Spiva, her attorney. "She has really been hurt by this and is reluctant to speak out publicly."

David Garofalo, a spokesperson for the Medical Faculty Associates, said the allegations against Christopher Lang, a GW physician named in the lawsuit, are "without merit."

"When a young woman comes into a sexual assault center, she ought to be given a test for date-rape drugs," Spiva said. "She ought not be denied or questioned as if she'd done something wrong."

Immediately after the alleged assault, she sought medical assistance at Howard University Hospital, accompanied by two witnesses, according to the complaint.

Court documents also add that she appeared intoxicated and was therefore denied a rape kit and sent home. It also states she was drifting in and out of consciousness and vomiting.

The plaintiff returned to Howard University Hospital the next morning and was again denied a rape kit - at which point the Metropolitan Police Department was notified, according to the complaint. They also said they felt a rape kit was unnecessary, according to court documents.

"A sexual assault kit is for police to recover evidence," said Sergeant Ronald Reid of the MPD Sex Assault Unit. "So if we don't have reason to believe a crime happened we wouldn't administer a rape kit."

The plaintiff then drove to GW Hospital, where Lang examined her according to court documents. The complaint states he also denied her a rape kit because both the police and Howard's hospital had already refused. Lang, who is listed as a defendant, did not return several calls from The Hatchet.

The complaint states "(the plaintiff) has been violated twice: first by an assailant who likely drugged and assaulted her, and then, by the defendants … which refused to take her seriously and which refused to provide her the reasonable care she was owed."
Went to one hospital. Rejected. #1.

Went back to the hospital the next morning. Rejected again. #2

Called the cops, sex crimes unit. They refused to run a rape kit. #3

Went to yet another hospital. The second hospital didn't even check her out, rejecting her because the first hospital and the cops had bounced her. #4.

What the hell do you have to do to get a guy to get between your legs in Washington, DC? Apparently, take a date-rape drug.

And just in case you didn't already know...

Howard University where the 19 year-old sophomore woman who was raped goes to school, is a historically black university, the number one producer of African American Ph.D.s in the United States.

We don't know of course what race the young lady is. But if -- if -- she is black, I'm certain white male doctor -- and again, we don't know if GW physician Christopher Lang is white -- turned away a girl wanting a rape kit because Howard University Hospital and the cops said she was drunk, because she was a "drunk black girl", because he was going off shift and wanted some rest, or maybe because he genuinely thought she didn't need one. And we may never know.

What we do know is, this was her fourth attempt at a rape kit, and GW turned her back away into the street.
Spiva said he hopes to prevent this type of treatment in the future. "The complaint speaks for itself in terms of the outrageousness of what happened," Spiva said. "We're partially doing this so that nobody else gets treated this way."

He added they hope to go to trial soon, and that the amount of potential damages will be determined by the jury.
I hope the Washington, D.C. jury opens their hearts to this young girl. And the stock-funds, bond-portfolios, real estate departments, the freaking Department of the Treasury for every single one of these entities.

Go deep-pocket on their ass, all the way down.

As for the doctors. *sighs*

People make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.

Doctors kill people in their careers and we do not end their careers over fatal non-intentional non-recurring errors. This was fucked, not fatal. Jesse's Judgment(TM): The insurance company pays this off, the docs spend a semester each back in med school (not regular CEUs, actual med school with med students) studying medical ethics.

This was bad. This was truly fucked. It's fixable with money, and training. And someone with a nose for it, needs to sniff very carefully, because all the way from the West Coast, I smell institutionalized racism.

The only decent part of this is, at least it was in Washington, DC, where Plan B is available without bullshit.

h/t Feministing.