Saturday, October 13, 2007

PeTA Can't Swap Roles. Why Can Pharmacists?

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Pharmacists and Illinois Settle Plan B Lawsuit

Two years ago Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed a law requiring all Illinois Pharmacies to fill Plan B prescriptions without delay.

The mandate is on the pharmacy, not on the individual pharmacists working there. Their personal beliefs are irrelevant to the law.

The law was challenged by a lawsuit known as the Menges lawsuit.

Lawsuit, settled.

The settlement upholds the law -- requiring all Illinois Pharmacies to fill Plan B prescriptions without delay -- by requiring pharmacies put in place a system guarantying a woman gets her prescription without delay and without having to go somewhere else.

Total, bullshit.

Washington Post

Illinois pharmacists who object to dispensing emergency birth control would be allowed to let someone else fill the prescription under a deal that could settle a lawsuit against the state.

Trained technicians or store owners would contact a pharmacist at another location, then follow his or her directions for dispensing the morning-after pill.

The compromise means pharmacists would not have to offer a drug they oppose on moral grounds, but minors who need it (adults can obtain emergency contraceptives without a prescription) would not be turned away.

"It seems to be a thoughtful settlement," Pam Sutherland, president of Illinois Planned Parenthood, said Wednesday. "This gives them (pharmacists) an out and it still makes sure the woman gets her prescription."

The settlement would end a lawsuit by several pharmacists and Walgreen Co. over a state rule requiring pharmacies to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception. Because it requires a change in state rules, it must be reviewed by a legislative panel before it can take effect.

"We think it's fair for us as well as our pharmacists. It allows us to continue to care for patients," said Walgreens spokeswoman Tiffani Bruce.
As Jen says, let's see a PeTA member try that shit on, as a waiter at Applebee's.


Crystal abruptly stops taking an order.

Meat is murder.
Raul, our oppressed migrant worker
will prepare your bloody slab of
almost raw muscle torn from the flesh
of a slaughtered animal, a gentle
soul named #237481 according to the
brand in her side covered in feces, some
of which is still in the meat you're
about to eat, carnivores. Here --
have an Alicia Silverstone photo.

The family exits, puking, across the dining room.

How many bunnies were tortured to
make that lipstick you're wearing?
(shouting at them sprinting out the door)
Pets are people too you know!

She turns to the horrified next customer's in line, smiling brightly.

Hi. Welcome to Applebee's. My name is
Crystal, and I'll be your voluntary
servitude yet equal in dignity person.
Is that ...mink?
Special pharmacy privileges for special (Christian) people. Written into the freaking law.
"We think it's fair for us as well as our pharmacists. It allows us to continue to care for patients," said Walgreens spokeswoman Tiffani Bruce.
How about you care for your patients by just firing anyone who interjects their religious beliefs into the doctor-patient relationship?

What's next?

Mr. Branch smiles politely. It never reaches his eyes.

Hello Mrs. Moreno. Nancy.
Your Effexor contains iron oxides which some
people claim were created millions of years ago.
I'm sorry Mrs. Moreno, but our Preacher made it
very very clear God created the entire heaven
and all the earth just 6,000 years ago, so I
simply can't have anything to do with this
devil drug, this evil tool of Satan.
Our clerk will count out your pills.
Good luck with your
depression and those
suicidal thoughts, Nancy.
We're all praying for you
in Holy Jesus' name.
(Long, long beat)
This is medicine, not mummery.

Which is why in Connecticut, Catholic Hospitals supply Plan B to rape victims, without any religious bullshit.

Giving in to bullies is always wrong.

Kick them in the balls till they fall over, kick them in the balls till they beg for mercy, kick them in the balls till they vow they'll never ever ever do it again.

Then kick them in the balls once more in front of their mob, so everyone gets you're simply not fucking around. (It saves you having to hurt them again ten future times; bullies are slow learners.)

Bad Illinois. Never Settle.

Correction: 10/15/07 -- This article has been edited since it was posted to more accurately reflect the basic facts of the Menges lawsuit. Details of the correction are available in the comment thread. GNB regrets the error.