Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No, No, NO!

photo of Belle by Sherry

Enough of this Hillary Is Unelectable Crap

I've had it.

Democrats can't even do a circular firing squad right.

  • We're opposed to gun control (expect for Presidential candidates triangulating for independent voters.)
  • Half the firing squad will show up late or not at all.
  • Everyone's against capital punishment so now we're arguing if we can't just taser the luckless bastard.
  • And ten percent want Ralph Nader to take over (again), because there's no real difference between a Democratic firing squad and the Republicans.

"Oh, Hillary can't get elected."

"I'd never vote for Hillary."

"Corpses will rise from their freaking graves" to vote against her, y'all cry.

Yes indeed.

If we're to listen to the frantic whining of you petulant fucks whom clearly God herself couldn't please, if "that woman" is nominated for President, a veritable avalanche of diseased, decaying and deceased Republicans will arise, descend on the polls of America in a shit storm of body parts and blood not seen since Omaha Beach, burying that hapless helpless female and smother the bitch to death.

God bless America.

And some of you go on to say, you won't vote for her either.


Did Ralph Nader not make an impression on you? Has seven years of George "I'm the Decider and I De-cider" Bush not burned itself in the blood of others into every fucking cell of your body?


Republican. Democratic. There's a difference.

I don't care if the Party of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Clinton nominate a one-eyed three-legged dog for President. If she's on the ticket, I'm voting her in.

No Republicans, no third-party candidates, no withholding votes.

I vote the straight party-line Democratic Party ticket.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans support George Bush. Stop buying into the enemy's frame. They want you to believe Hillary is unelectable. They want you to believe she can't win.

She's a Clinton you fools. Of course she's electable. Why in the hell do you think the enemy is putting so goddamn much effort into convincing you she isn't?!

Knock it off. Stop doing their work. Stop talking up their frame -- it's a lie.

A one-eyed three-legged dog. I don't care who is on the Democratic Ticket. They get all my support and every dollar I can spare.

Republicans are the enemy. The Democratic Party is our friend and the hope of 220 years of the United States of America.

Is there a difference between the candidates in the Democratic Party? Of course. Campaign away, fight hard, and may the candidate you dream of, win the nomination. But when the nomination's locked, shut the hell up, get behind the plow and push.

If you don't get we're fighting for the survival of the United States, you're not paying attention.

Hilary Clinton is incredibly electable. The people who have you believing otherwise are Republicans and their media allies, terrified they can't beat her.

Stop buying lies. Stop spreading lies.

Knock that "unelectable" crap off.