Friday, October 26, 2007

Is Pres. Bush Subject To The Law? Take #2987

Attorney General Nominee Mukasey Was To FIX this Crap!
(I need a beer. And I don't drink.)

What's the scoop?

Are we a Government of Law, or not?

Is the President of the United States subject to the law -- even if he doesn't wanna -- or not?

If you can't answer "YES!", you have NO business being the Attorney General of the United States.

I mean, didn't we just dump that Bush ass-kissing suck-up from Texas for precisely this bullshit? Because he just let President Bush do anything he wanted, no matter what the law was?

The New York Times

AT his confirmation hearings last week, Michael B. Mukasey, President Bush’s nominee for attorney general, was asked whether the president is required to obey federal statutes. Judge Mukasey replied, “That would have to depend on whether what goes outside the statute nonetheless lies within the authority of the president to defend the country.”

According to Judge Mukasey’s statement, as well as other parts of his testimony, the president’s authority “to defend the nation” trumps his obligation to obey the law. Take the federal statute governing military commissions in Guantánamo Bay. No one, including the president’s lawyers, argues that this statute is unconstitutional. The only question is whether the president is required to obey it even if in his judgment the statute is not the best way “to defend the nation.”

If he is not, we no longer live under the government the founders established.

Under the American Constitution, federal statutes, not executive decisions in the name of national security, are “the supreme law of the land.” It’s that simple. So long as a statute is constitutional, it is binding on everyone, including the president.

The president has no supreme, exclusive or trumping authority to “defend the nation.” In fact, the Constitution uses the words “provide for the common defense” in its list of the powers of Congress, not those of the president.

If Judge Mukasey cannot say plainly that the president must obey a valid statute, he ought not to be the nation’s next attorney general.
Enough is enough.

The Senate needs to do it's damn job.

Are we a nation of law? (For certain so far, we've been a Senate of Rabbits.)