Friday, October 26, 2007

“Stop! In the Name of Law”

The Supreme Stoppage

It's not 1965 anymore, Baby Love.

But you're still asking, "Where Did Our Love Go" as you tool around town in your hot new 2009 General Motors car, hoping she'll soon be Back in My Arms Again.

Ain't gonna happen.

In fact, the MAN is going to own your ass. He'll be saying, Come See About Me as he presses the magic button and your car goes stop.

All 1.7 million of them.

Live Science

General Motors plans to equip 1.7 million of its 2009 models with a system that allows OnStar operators to cut engine power in the car if the police request it. The system was demonstrated in Washington, D.C. today.

GM's OnStar system already contains built-in GPS tracking that would allow police to find any OnStar-equipped vehicle. With the new technology, if the police request it, an OnStar operator will inform the occupants of the vehicle and then cut power. The engine will be slowed to idle speed, to allow the driver to move to the side of the road. Brakes and other electrical functions of the vehicle will still work.

The intent of the system is to cut down on the number of police chases, which can be dangerous for both bystanders and police. A recent study showed that from 1994 through 2002, there were 2,654 crashes involving 3,965 vehicles and 3,146 fatalities during police pursuits.

GM also stated that the owner of the vehicle may opt out of the service upon request. GM's research has indicated that 95% of current OnStar subscribers would like to participate. Take a look at other initiatives to make the roads safer, like the prototype car seat and Nissan Pivo 2 in-dash robot, which try to detect drivers sleeping behind the wheel. Read an interview with Greg Bear about Quantico.
Oh yeah, just another way we're making your life safer.

The four horsemen of the internet:
  • Terrorism
  • Drugs
  • Child Porn
  • Racism & Hatred
In the name of these, we will reduce the greatest tool of communication ever invented, to that which is safe for a very stupid and protected five year-old with an unmedicated paranoid, religiously fanatical mother who was herself orphaned and repeatedly molested as a child, then abandoned on the street as a teenager where she was made pregnant by an unknown father while drunk, now looking over the five year-olds' shoulder, while Child Protective Services and the Drug Enforcement Agency quietly monitor everything and Homeland Security checks out using a root kit and the built-in camera and microphone, the obvious infiltration of our Homeland by the child (who has a brown skin.)

THIS is the world the nutcases would give us.

This is the world apparently, 95% of new GM drivers are fine to give the police -- the right to turn off your car remotely.

Raise your hand if you think the car:
  • will never be hacked,
  • never ever could be sold to someone trying to carjack your car or kidnap your kid (if you're rich), or
  • you trust the white cops following black and brown men to turn it off in a way which doesn't cause their car to take a dive under a semi-trailer.
  • Or no cop will ever turn off the car of a cute girl with the bigga ga-boombas. Late at night in a private, quiet place.
GM is turning out 1.7 million of these suckers.

Be a sucker. Buy from GM.