Friday, October 26, 2007

Polish Man Tasered to Death by Airport Police

Don't get that Canadian visa just yet. Vancouver Airport Police are the latest in a proud group of jackbooted pussies who can't seem to handle interactions with people unless they submit to complete obedience instantly.

"Recently police at the Vancouver airport were attempting to question a recent immigrant that could not speak English. They tasered him after 24 seconds of speaking with him. The man had spent 10 hours stuck in the airport with no-one helping him." via Boing Boing

These steroid raged fueled sub-dominants need to be stopped. This shit is out of control. They broke the leg of a Minister who was trying to enter the Petreaus hearings on Capital hill recently. But that's just one of thousands of this sort of thing happening all over. We need to remove the paramilitary culture from our police forces. Why do they all dress like SWAT members now?

How come we never see cops dressed like cops anymore. Everybody is just about to do a home invasion or break up a WTO riot. You never see a patrol officer anymore. It's all these needle-dicked weight lifting thugs who didn't even have the qualifications or the balls to join the Guard or regular Army. With this Supreme Court we dont also need a testostorone fueled police force.