Friday, September 7, 2007

Thrusting Powerfully

Virgin's Vagina -- Getting Off in the Desert

Virgin Galactic announced plans to build a gigantic vagina in the New Mexico desert.

Want to bust your cherry in space? Try Virgin.

Virgin straps its customers into a penis shaped space ship, gets them off thrusting and lifting their trembling separated legs and bodies hard against gravity all the way into sub-orbital flight where they float around in a blissful high over and over the earth, going around the arc again and again, breathlessly banging each other up against the windows in a state of bliss, then gently wafting down to earth, docking the flying penis carefully in the Virgin terminal wall.

Post flight cigarettes and cuddling not included. $200K per ticket.

Business Week

Known as Spaceport America, the terminal and hangar facility in Upham, New Mexico, will be home to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic enterprise. It will operate a fleet of two transport airplanes and five spaceships designed by Burt Rutan. To ferry tourists into space and back, a transport plane, called a White Knight, carries a spaceship to an altitude of 49,000 feet, at which point the spacecraft launch into suborbital space and reach a height of 84 miles before returning to Earth. A roundtrip journey lasts 2.5 hours. Virgin expects to begin regular flights as early as 2009 and is currently accepting deposits on $200,000 "space tickets."

The design for Spaceport America includes a hangar for the White Knights and the spaceships, pre- and post-flight training facilities, mission control, viewing galleries, and passenger lounges. Foster designed the low-slung, 100,000-square-foot structure to be viewed from the ground and from above; it is capped by a rolling, concrete roof whose shape resembles a manta ray. The terminal hall features 50-foot ceilings and large windows facing the main runway at Spaceport's eastern edge.

"It is an extraordinary location with the views of the mountains and the rolling plains," says Grant Brooker, executive director and architect in charge of the project at Foster. "We became very concerned about how the building would be seen in this setting. The building is grown up out of the ground to make it a more organic part of the landscape."
"We became very concerned about how the building would be seen in this setting."

It's a giant vagina, you twit! Virgin has you building a vagina.