Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rudy Giuliani - Serial Liar

Let's talk emergency response.

Every Multiple Casualty Incident has a phase when the brass show up and pose for the cameras. A good Incident Commander shuffles the brass off to the press. This reduces the pressure on the rescuers with their asses still on the line. And most -- but by no means all -- brass understand their role is to give full credit to the men and women risking their lives for others.

Rudy violated that tacit understanding between Incident Commander, rescuers and brass, not only grabbing credit for actually running the disaster response on 9/11 but causing much of the failures both before, during and after the actual attack.

Talk about screwing the pooch. Rudy screwed the whole kennel.

Trust me -- the man couldn't coordinate a disaster with both hands and year of training. He's way too thin-skinned, loosing his cool, practically shitting himself when the shit is flying at him. Not to mention he can't multi-task anything not about him. What you saw on 9/11 was carefully stage-manged, Rudy all pretty, in front of cameras looking important with real IC's running the show. You know -- like GWB in a debate with a mini-speaker hidden in his ear.

The radios not working -- him. The command center being in the World Trade Center -- Rudy. Rescue workers approved to go in day after day without masks and now they're dying of cancer. That's Rudy again. Taking credit from the real heroes, his first name ain't baby. It's Rudy... Mr. Giuliani if you're nasty. And lying about the people -- there's no polite way to say this -- he got killed, yeah, that's Rudy. Oh you nasty boy.

Thirty seconds is not enough time to list Rudy's mistakes.

It's the weekend, so let's review Lower Manhattanite's Rudy “Jiffy Pop, bitches!” series. (LM may have another series title planned so no getting attached. *grins*):

Take a Number, Ya'll...All 54,337 Of You.
Sharp Objects Galore, Sharp Objects Galore!
Oh...Okay! I Will Pick Your Lotto Numbers...
Just 'Cause You Wore A Tiara Doesn't Make You Wonder Woman, Honey.
Papa, Don't Preach!
“I Hear The Karmic Train a' Runnin'...”

Damn y'all. When you put them together like that, I'm moved about Rudy in a special way... and only a bottle of the pink stuff from my medicine cabinet brings a cure.

The man is a serial liar. Dangerously so.

Approaching the media glorification of 9/11 remember this:

Hundreds of people died running into the flames with fracked up radios and a wrecked command center. Why? Because it was their job to go. But they died because their radios didn't work and C&C was down. Their deaths and hundreds, perhaps thousands inside the WTC happened because Rudy Giuliani is a lying preening ego-driven back-stabbing incompetent racist violent evil buffoon, personally party to death, lies, racial violence and criminal corruption. All to win your vote.

The sad part is Republicans like lying Daddies who boss them around. Go figure.

Just under a year till the nominating convention and the long knifes are only just started coming out for Rudy. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

As LM says, “Jiffy Pop, bitches!”