Monday, September 17, 2007

Come Get Happy

Ads That Make Me Smile

Nothing like a great ad.

For example the one above for Lego (click for high def) which ran in Chile.

A great ad tells a story, leaves us feeling better about ourselves. Just because I felt like it, and because it's Monday and you should smile, here are some great ads that made me smile.


Coke ad. Awww.

Collection of Funny Ads (first two are kinda lame.)
Warning: Occasional risque humor, partially unclothed hotties.

Perfume Ad -- "Candy"
Warning: Borderline NSFW. But I want to buy this product. Woof...

"Sugar Baby Love" ad from France
Warning: NOT safe for work. Practice safe viewing...wear condoms.

Super Baby Love is the classic French love story -- boy meets boy.

NSFW really means what it says -- not safe for work.

That said, may the ads bring a smile to your face, get you laughing and having a good time.

It's Monday -- get happy.