Friday, August 31, 2007

Breaking: Senator Craig to Resign

photo: Charles Dharapak/Associated Press

Alleged Gay Sex Too Much for GOP

GOP Leaders have pressured Senator Larry Craig (Idaho-R) to resign in the blow-up of a sex scandal of alleged gay solicitation in an airport bathroom.

Senator Craig pled guilty to a single minor charge, although he now claims doing so was a mistake and that he is not gay.

GOP leaders have not pressured the resignation of Senators Ted Stevens of Alaska who is the target of a criminal investigation over his dealings with a a government contractor. Nor have GOP leaders pressured the resignation of Senator David Vitter of Louisiana who is alleged to have frequented a Washington, D.C. house of prostitution. A lot.

NY Times

Senator Craig plans to resign on Saturday.

Idaho Gov. C. L. Otter, a Republican, would be responsible for naming a replacement to serve until the end of Mr. Craig’s third term, in 2009.
Republicans. Family Values... unless politically inconvenient.