Friday, July 13, 2007

Screw the 1st Amendment

We're Right & You're Going to Hell

Christian Right Activists Disrupt Hindu Chaplain In The Senate
By Eric Kleefeld

Today was a historic first for religion in America's civic life: For the very first time, a Hindu delivered the morning invocation in the Senate chamber — only to find the ceremony disrupted by three Christian right activists.

The three protesters, who all belong to the Christian Right anti-abortion group Operation Save America, and who apparently traveled to Washington all the way from North Carolina, interrupted by loudly asking for God's forgiveness for allowing the false prayer of a Hindu in the Senate chamber.

"Lord Jesus, forgive us father for allowing a prayer of the wicked, which is an abomination in your sight," the first protester began.

"This is an abomination," he continued. "We shall have no other gods before You."

Thank you worshipers of Jesus. Thank you for attempting to drive the brown ones with their false Gods out of the temple of worldly power before you, even as Christ drove the money-changers out of the temple before him. Because you're SO much like Jesus...

Better get off being racial/religious bigots while you can, suckers. Ten years from now your daughter's going to be married to a Hindu. A Hispanic. Or an African-American, all with their own cultures and religions. *smiles sweetly*

Damn I love electoral math and the relentless historical movement of population forces. It makes evolutionary fools out of conservatives and anyone stuck 50,000 years in the past. Of course, the most beautiful young woman I know has brown skin and hails from Malaysia. I'm all for mixing the races. In three or four generations all this racial/religious bullshit would be over, not to mention think how beautiful our grandchildren would be.