Saturday, July 14, 2007

ANNOUNCING: A New Group News Blog Feature—VIDEO

The Group News Blog “Kick-In-The-Chest-Club”
Inductee #1: “Senator” Joe Lieberman

Read first...THEN, CLICK ON THE VIDEO. :)

In late May, when we were in fill in-mode, we experimented with the idea of creating custom video on the Original News Blog, and doggonit--it actually worked! So, now that we've got a whole new thang goin' here at the new place, we're gonna continue this new feature in earnest. Consider expansion of the blog's expression pallette.

You will see from time to time, a custom video here (via YouTube) —sometimes humorous, sometimes angry, but almost all the time, pointed.



And plain, old visual-aid, ass-whippings of those who maybe need a little more than mere words and still images. Today's installment is the first one, and is presented here, happily.

It's a semi-regular Hall of Shame we'll be bringing to you (probably fort-nightly), called "The Group News Blog Kick-In-The-Chest-Club”. The inaugural member? Connecticut Senator, and pissy, neo-con obstructionist Joe Lieberman. He receives this dubious honor for his over-the-top, whiny, Bush's ass-covering remarks this past week, Re: Iraq.

Fuck. He deserves it for every retrograde bit of faux-somber posturing, and war-pimping he's done—especially since its become clear to any sane person that Iraq was a ghastly mistake, really. But Lieberman this past week opted to collect some serious overtime from his GOP paymasters, as he went above and beyond the call, whinily spouting his pro-war bullshit, and pretty much calling anyone against the war traitors every place he could find an open microphone. He did that this weekthis week, when Bush's fellow Repubs began bailing like burned rats, as the bad news from Mesopotamia verified what we all knew to be so. All of us, save for Holy Joe.

Unless that is...he really does know how bad it all is, but just won't dare abandon his butt-buddy Bush...even as truly countless numbers of Iraqis perish...and our soldiers unjustifiably die by the hundred— every...fucking...month.

The fact that his soul-deadening hubris (not sonic, but the state of mind) would move him to this day, to still defend this war...well, Goddamn—there just isn't a chamber of hell hot enough for his ass. His re-election this past November is the black mark on all the good that was done in deposing the GOP Junta of the last ten years, and I fucking wince...wince —when I think about how I felt (and how Steve felt) when that saggy-faced charlatan stood at the victory podium on election night—pleased at what he knew he was gonna do down the road a' piece. Which was fuck progressives royally (he'd been doing it peasant-style for years previous), and never look back.

So, lets all do what we can come the '08 elections and increase the Senate majority enough, so as to render this preening, destructive jerk null and fucking void as a power broker, and even as a pourer of sand in the legislative gears. But for right now? Let's hang him on his every disingenuous word. Let's call bullshit on him every time it needs to be. And as we can't actually beat the living hell out of a standing member of the Senate, let's continue to verbally and multimedia whip...his...ass.

And...kick him in the chest while we're at it too, shall we? Enjoy! :)