Thursday, May 7, 2009

I heard the flu's today, oh boy

(Visualization: Evan Robinson, Group News Blog; Data: WHO | Influenza A(H1N1))

Good news this morning. We've failed to hit an exponential growth curve now for 24 hours (yesterday's morning report through today's morning report). The graph clearly shows Mexican cases and worldwide cases falling off to the right (and below) the exponential growth curve, although US cases are still tracking it very closely.

I remain cautiously optimistic -- and less cautiously about this phase -- about being out of the woods. There is no question that we must remain vigilant and concerned about changes to the virus via mutation, recombination, or progression, but those are issues for lab scientists, epidemiologists, and public health authorities, not the general public. It looks increasingly like we've dodged the pandemic bullet for this piece of the battle.

This is necessarily short because I'm packing for my starter trip to Europe: two weeks in England and France. I'll blog as I'm able, but I don't know how much time, energy, or network I'll have available.