Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not been well / Status Update

I've been getting emails asking where I've been...
Am I ever going to blog again?

Short Answer: Yes... I am going to blog again.

Longer answer: I've not been well. Have been working hard on getting healthy again. Am working with my medical team to figure out what is going on. We're not certain.

In the interim posts from me will likely be infrequent.

GNB isn't going anywhere. Steve's legacy lives, don't worry. At various times in the last two years (almost) since we started up GNB, pretty much each of us has needed significant time off for personal, professional, or health reasons. It has always been my position that people's well-being comes before unpaid writing for a blog. It has always been my position in life that people's well-being comes first, period.

So... I've been taking a well-being break to get healthy again, so I can once again give you my all. In the meantime I hope other GNB writers will be heard from.

Know that in general, I am well, that is to say, while there is something wrong with my health, no one at the moment believes it is of long-term significance, more likely just a relatively short-term (but painful) extension of my existing pain problems. As I say, my medical team is working to figure out precisely what is going on, and to get the issue managed.

Thank you to everyone for writing, and my love and appreciation to all.

That said, know that I do love to blog and I may well drop a note in from time to time. There are frequently issues I want to comment on. It's a question of if I can find the energy. No promises. Also, if I do manage to drop a line in now and then it doesn't mean I'm back; it just means I managed to get a note in.

Best to all,