Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Conservative Girlfriend

About a year ago, I made a personal vow to never again blog about a certain skinny blonde conservative pundit I've long referred to as "Wingnut Barbie." But, like a bad dinner, Ann Coulter keeps coming back up in a mouthful of bile, haunting us over and over through the long dark night of the Bush years. With an Obama dawn approaching, we can only hope this is really, truly the last time.

Roy Zimmerman has been a favorite entertainer of ours since the early 90s, when he and his old group, "The Foremen", used to blow everybody else off the stage at the Kuumbwaa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz with their crackling energy and split-second timing. (My personal favorite was a bouncy shuck-and-jive dance song called Do The Clinton.) Back then, this song was a crowd favorite, crooned in a sweet early-60s Lettermen style with the three Foremen in close harmony behind him.

Now that Ann's back around again, Roy's dedicated this love song to her. My Conservative Girlfriend is 15 years old, which only proves that sometimes life has no choice but to imitate satire.