Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Car Repair Part 4: Emergency Inaugural Fundraising Request

Leaving the house now to get the car. King County Metro to the repair shop.

Then $984. Plus tax, which I forgot about yesterday. *sighs*

Please help fund GNB's coverage for our inaugural trip right now. Otherwise we'll have to cancel.

Last night we raised $210. We need to raise $790 before my flight leaves tomorrow evening, or I'll have to call this off. I can't be without my car... what with being a gimp, my car is my everything. It's what gets me around.

LM and I are meeting in NYC. We're going to D.C. to give you live coverage.

The $1400 I had saved up is now shot. What with towing costs for my car, after I pay the bill, plus tax, I'll have under $200 left. Four months of savings (since Denver) shot.

Sorry to ask, but we have to raise almost $790 in 36 hours. Can you help?

We do have media credentials for D.C.

Please help send Jesse and LM to the inaugural. Donate now: $100, $75, $50, $25.

Thank you.

Update: 10:55 AM PT

Picked up the car about an hour ago, after riding the bus an hour to get there. Then had to walk UP a very steep hill and go another couple of blocks. Ouch.

Tried to get the car shop to let me just pay them half now, half when I get paid, but no going. *sighs*

We've had two donations so far this morning. Still a long way to go.

Talked with LM this morning. We both very much want to go. Know precisely what we intend to cover. This trip has been four months in the planning.

Our media credentials are GREAT. (There were lots of different credentials we could have received.) We're covering the big concert at the Lincoln Memorial with every mega-star around Sunday night, and we have the run of the National Mall all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

PLEASE... Donate now: $100, $75, $50, $25 to GNB's Inaugural coverage.