Friday, December 19, 2008

More Bush Failure: Coup Attempt in Iraq

Rove has been working The Villagers hard, trying to rehab Bush prior to January 20.

His claim is that Bush accomplished real (worthwhile) accomplishments.

For example, "He kept us safe after 9/11."

It's a lie. (Rove's still breathing; that's how you know he's lying.)

Roughly 5,000 U.S. service women and men dead, 50,000 wounded, 100,000 Iraqs' dead, 1,000,000 wounded, and an entire country torn to shreds. Plus our allies.

Leaving aside the brown not U.S. people, that's 55,000 U.S. people (plus contractors) dead or wounded), and over $250 billion dollars on the record, figure another $250 billion in off-record funds such as pre-positioned not budgeted, training costs back in the states, non DOD and non-supplemental costs, tasks not accounted for, and at least another Trillion with a T in future VA medical costs coming at us like a fucking mile-wide asteroid at 50,000 miles per hour.

That's the money. It doesn't count the 500,000 veterans of which AT LEAST one out of three, more likely one out of two are going to be suffering PTSD or some kind of delayed reaction to having served at least one tour. And I haven't once even mentioned Afghanistan, it's costs (in all senses), that we can NOT POSSIBLY win (no matter how the word "win" is defined), and that Obama has been suckered into planning to deploy more troops there, Gods help us all.

And oh yeah, there's a little thing called Al-Qadea, which is quite thoroughly established in Iraq, and it was not before Bush invaded. So Bush has massively failed to keep members of the United States safe since 9/11. He's gotten lots of us killed or wounded.

Futhermore, what means this word, "safe," which Rove keeps throwing around?

If we look at "safe" past physical safety in the very strictest of terms, we immediately come to financial safety, health, welfare, and the common good -- you know, the shit the Constitution was put together to protect, that which we fought the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and two World Wars to make goddamn sure we had, not to mention survived the Great Depression, the 60s, 80s, and now the 2000s.

Guess what?

Bush has blown the accumulated financial capital of the entire country, much of our physical wellbeing, plus our safety in our own homes (those of us who still have homes), sold off or allowed to be destroyed many of our most beautiful and treasured places, and wiped his ass with the Constitution.

Much of the justification for all of this has been that Bush's attention has been on Iraq. That he has been a "foreign policy" president, a "war time" president, who is "staying the course." That if only we faithless fucks would get off his damn back and let him rule like the unitary executive he was clearly born to be (after he turned 40, found Jesus, and stopped doing cocaine off the bellies of strippers while drunk), why then he'd be able to get the damn job done and all would be well.

But fear not... Eventually Iraq will turn out as a democratic nation if we dirty fucking hippies don't give up the gains he, George W. Bush has made on the altar of blood and American lives (the brown lives don't count), and he, Bush, will go down in history (long after he is dead; he has said repeatedly he does not expect this to happen in his lifetime) as a Great American President in the judgment of history.

No shit. He's really said that. On camera. Repeatedly.

Yeah, well, you didn't think the drunk fuck had any connection to reality, did you?

Anyway, Rove has been attempting to rehab Bush's image. True.

But now there's this nasty little coup attempt in Iraq. Which means... Well.

Blue Girl has the story:

They gave us a republic...

Over the last three days as many as 35 officials in Iraq's Interior Ministry have been arrested, some of them accused of trying to reconstitute the Baath Party. The arrests were confirmed by officials from the Ministries of National Defense and Interior, as well as the office of the Prime Minister. It was also confirmed that four of those detained were flag-rank officers, including the General who served as Director of Internal Affairs for the Interior Ministry. It was also confirmed that the arrests were made by an elite counterterrorism strike force that reports directly to the office of the Prime Minister.
The involvement of the counterterrorism unit speaks to the seriousness of the accusations, and several officials from the Ministries of the Interior and National Security said that some of those arrested were in the early stages of planning a coup.

Rumors of coups, conspiracies and new alliances abound in the Iraqi capital a month before provincial elections. Critics of Mr. Maliki say he has been using arrests to consolidate power.

But senior security officials said there was significant evidence tying those arrested to a wide array of political corruption charges, including affiliation with Al Awda, or the Return, a descendant of the Baath Party, which ruled the country as a dictatorship for 35 years, mostly under Mr. Hussein. Tens of thousands of Iraqis died or were persecuted, including Mr. Maliki, a Shiite Muslim, by the Baath Party. It was outlawed after the American invasion in 2003.
On the other hand, there are those who say that there is a conspiracy, all right - but it is being perpetrated by Maliki and his loyalists who are using arrests to silence those perceived to be political opponents. Interior Minister Jawad Kadem al-Bolani, who has not been implicated and is out of the country, has political ambitions of his own. He has been expanding his secular Iraqi Constitutional Party.
At a later protest against the arrest, several other Sunni politicians were detained. A number of politicians who follow the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr, and who have set themselves up as political rivals to the prime minister, have also been arrested over the past months and charged with terrorist activities.

Saleh al-Mutlaq, a Sunni lawmaker, charged that the safety of the prisoners was in jeopardy. "I think these people are not going to be treated well and that is the American responsibility," he said.
Here I would like to remind the readers that the whole purpose of the SurgeƔ was to allow for political reconciliation that has obviously not happened. And if we are propping up a thug in an Armani suit who is sending out henchmen to arrest his political opponents, that rather negates any and all accomplishments that they are trying to lay claim to, doesn't it?

There's more...
Let me quote you that last little big again:
...if we are propping up a thug in an Armani suit who is sending out henchmen to arrest his political opponents, that rather negates any and all accomplishments that they are trying to lay claim to, doesn't it?
Sing it Blue Girl.

Bush has accomplished NOTHING.

Iraq is in shambles. Their and our economies are trashed.

The Vice President is an admitted war criminal who personally approved torture.

Bush is a drunken scumbag who can't even leave office gracefully, refusing to allow the Obama's to move in to Blair House 10 days early (January 5 instead of January 15) in order to let the Obama daughters start school after the New Year.

There are back alleys in San Francisco and West Oakland where sex workers and their clients go, covered in used discarded condoms.

Bush is a discarded condom, dripping with slime. (Unlike Bush, condoms work.)

Rove is the slime, trying to make it all pretty.

It's not.

Fuck off, Rove.