Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Darcy Burner Lost the Washington 8th Congressional District

Darcy Burner. 2008. Location/photographer unknown.
Darcy Burner. 2008. Location/photographer unknown.

My heart is breaking.

Darcy has given everything she is and has to win.

We lost in the last ten days because Corporate Media manipuated the voters. Period. Full Stop.

It was a HIT JOB.

Corporate Media opposed Darcy Burner's politics. So they LIED on the Front Page of the Seattle Times.

Not an Editorial. News. They lied in the NEWS.

The early mail ballots came in strongly for Darcy; they were from before the smears. But the poll ballots and the late mail which came in AFTER the smear, hurt her. They hurt her just enough.

It's over.

The Responsible Plan she founded helped us win other seats around the country.

Darcy is an amazing woman who always astonishes. Smart, capable, you should watch her work a room. You should watch her THINK. Putting all the pieces together, taking seemingly unrelated pieces from multiple discourses and disciplines, weaving them together on the fly, flawlessly in front of an audience. She not only has the media skills, she knows what she's doing. Her solutions make sense at a deep, strategic level as well as being politically sensible.

Darcy Burner is where the heart of America lives. She was defeated by lies told by scared rich white men, erratic and afraid for their obsolete rich white-men's privilege, and deathly afraid of powerful women.

I wish all of you had gotten the chance to watch Darcy work, and to see her team in action. You can tell an enormous amount about a person by the people they pick. Darcy picks wonderful people, then turns them loose to do their job.

There's no blame here. It was a smart, capable campaign, in a tough district. The further south you go, the more people question Democrats.

Yet in spite of everything, until the Seattle Times lied to the voters during balloting, Darcy was winning. And even with lies trumped up in the middle of voting, Darcy is down by only 8,000 votes with perhaps 50-60K votes still to count.

Darcy Burner and her team are and were astonishing. I can't say enough about how amazing they were.

They left EVERYTHING out on the field.