Sunday, November 30, 2008

Interesting Articles


I found these articles interesting.

Not enough to give them their own article. At least not on a holiday weekend when I'm all about resting and reading. And folks are mostly taking it easy. But enough to post them up together.


Bothell High School, Seattle
Sued over Nude Cheerleader Photos

This is total sexist bullshit. Welcome to the Seattle School District.

Two cheerleaders took nude (topless in one case) photos of themselves, one for her boyfriend, one just goofing around with another cheerleader. As tends to happen -- and here at GNB we have warned y'all about before -- the photos got out...

The football team enjoyed them.

Therefore, naturally, the girls were suspended from cheerleading. One for 30 days, one for a year. The PI story didn't say, but I'd assume the topless photo only got 30 days. Nudity is worth an entire year, I'm guessing.

The football players? A stern talking to, then back to the gridiron.

The girls are suing the hell out of the Seattle School District. Can you say Equal Protection Violation?

Can you spell S-E-X-I-S-T P-I-G-S-? Oink, oink.


King argues the district's student handbook didn't specifically prohibit the girls' behavior, and didn't outline potential consequences for a case like this.

"My clients fully realize what they did was stupid," King said, adding that the girls never intended for the photos to be distributed and have been mortified by the entire incident.

He wants the disciplinary action expunged from the girls' school records, the remaining teen reinstated to the cheerleading squad and some form of apology from district officials for neglecting to discipline other students in the case.

Northshore officials, however, believe the girls clearly violated the district's athletic code, which students must agree to in order to participate in school activities. The girls understood that as athletes, they would be held to higher standards of behavior, Stoltzfus said.

"When you sign up to be a cheerleader -- or for any student activity -- you agree to certain codes of behavior," she said. "We consider them student leaders, and we want them to be role models."

Teen Sex = Sex Offender = Eviction =
Georgia Remains a Totally STUPID State

Two kids had sex ten years ago.

The girl was 17. The boy was three weeks shy of 16.

In its infinite wisdom the great State of Georgia -- motto: even stupider than Mississippi -- convicted her of sodomy which ended her up on the registered sex offender's list for life.

People on said list can't live within 1,000 feet of a school, daycare, school bus stop, and so on. Even if they own a home or are renting, if a school bus changes its route, if a new school or a church gets put in, they are hosed. For life.

Because of a teenage blowjob when they were less than two years apart.

If you gave/received head to/from someone while you/they were under 16 years old (yes, that means you or they were 15 or younger), raise your hand. Feel free to tell us the entire story including ages, and how totally bogus Georgia's bullshit law is. Do remember however there are Statute of Limitations regarding Age of Consent laws. We're not lawyers; don't ask us.

Federal Way, Washington Teen Returns Ten Large.

A 17 year old grocery bagger, Moisei Baraniuc, a Ukrainian immigrant, found $10,000 in unmarked cash in the bathroom of the grocery store where he works. The young man and his parents came to the United States five years ago with $300.00. The kid works for minimum wage.

The boy turned the money in.

The cash belonged to a -- seriously -- Mr. Smith. It was his life savings. He was moving, so instead of hiding it at his home, he had it on him. Mr. Smith satisfied the police it was his and they returned his money to him.
Tacoma News Tribune

“Besides being really, really shocked, I had an overwhelming sense of pride for Moses for doing the right thing,” said Schafer, the store’s guest services manager.

“You always hope that people would do the right thing,” she said. “He didn’t even think twice.”

Federal Way police are also praising Baraniuc.

“That was great,” said Cmdr. Stan McCall. “I think that’s very honest and shows a great deal of integrity.”

Baraniuc works 15 hours a week after school to pay for gas and other expenses. He earns minimum wage.

Baraniuc said he and his family came to the United States five years ago with $300.

He teaches 10-year-olds in Sunday school at First Ukrainian Baptist Church in the Federal Way area. That’s another reason he knew he had to return the money.

“I can’t be teaching little kids not to do it if I’m doing it,” he said.
Baraniuc's promised a reward, but says he's fine: “Right now I have everything I need.”

Lots of people might mock this. I think it's just great.