Sunday, November 2, 2008

Election Open Thread: 2 Days to Go

Voting on Saipan in 1974. photo TTPI archives.

Sunday, November 2, 2008.
Two days two days two days.

Sunday is about reaching family.

Reach out and make sure every family member has a plan, a time, and a ride to the polls. If they need someone to watch their kids, make sure they're covered.

If they're teens or young adults voting for the first or second time, double-check them. Young people traditionally are the most difficult people to get to the polls. Don't count them as being there; double and triple check. If they don't have a plan, most likely it won't happen. Set up a time; figure out with them how they're getting off work or out of class; make certain they know precisely where their polling place is and that they have it saved on they cell phone. (You write it down also. Tuesday morning you'll need to call them again with their polling place to remind them. Really.)

If you have someone in your family who refuses to vote or says they won't vote, Sunday is the day you go visit them in person.

Open Thread on all current election issues.

Sleep on Wednesday. Today, DO SOMETHING.

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