Monday, November 17, 2008

Election Night Seattle & Bellevue Recap

GNB has two very talented film makers.

Writer/Director Lower Manhattanite shoots and cuts film in New York City. LM put up a post and stills from NYC of Election Night, “The Happening”.

Cinematographer Christopher Bell shot and cut all GNB's Puget Sound Election Night footage including, Obama Wins Presidential Election, Seattle Celebrates & Rejoices.

We shot an interview with David Goldstein of HorsesAss, the primary State blog for Washington. Last week, I realized we hadn't aired the David's interview, so I asked Chris if he'd put it together along with some other footage, both stuff you've seen before and stuff you haven't, to give us one last look at Election Night from Seattle & Bellevue.

As a sidebar, I've been sitting in on the Podcasting Liberally sessions lately, with David Goldstein here in Seattle. The last three weeks before the election (Oct 14, 21, & 28 respectively) we did podcasts with Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle, Matt Stoller of OpenLeft, and also with Matt Stoller of Open Left, and Laura McClintock of the McClintock Group (an initiative specialist.)

If you need to rent a professional camera package, glass, hire a cinematographer, or rent the RED ONE camera (which Chris and I rent out jointly and will be trading in for the new EPIC camera next year, plus probably a SCARLET just for grins), please contact Chris. He does amazing work and I recommend him highly.

The cameras from RED DIGITAL CINEMAS are changing everything. No kidding.

Anyway, enjoy the footage. We had a blast producing it for you.