Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Darcy Burner Thanks Netroots

Race To Close To Call

Burner has been ahead all night. Earlier this morning, Reichert pulled ahead for the first time with a 376 vote lead out of 136,706 counted (roughly half of the total.)

The race will likely take till sometime Friday to count all the ballots.

All continue to give great coverage of Darcy's race to win the Washington 8th.
Highly recommended.

I think -- think -- we're going to pull this out but at less than the 1% I originally predicted; now I think it will be withing the margin of litigation. If my source is correct, the precincts being reported for Reichert which finally, barely, gave him a few votes over Darcy, came from his largest base precincts, while Darcy's largest base precincts have yet to be reported.

But I'm not certain. This is single-source (not confirmed). Rather than sit on it, I'm passing it to you as single-source and letting you evaluate it along with me. Just keep clearly in your thinking that this is NOT sourced as fact.

Reichert of course is predicting he will win. And he has good historical cause; both of his prior victories match this pattern... slime your opponent in the final ten days, then come from behind after the polls close for the win. In the 2006 race, Reichert came from behind, eventually winning both King County (Seattle) by roughly 300 votes, and Pierce County (Tacoma) by over 7,000.

With only half the total votes currently counted, Darcy needs to increase the margin she's winning by in King County, to make up for how much they don't like her in Pierce County.

This Washington 8th race remains neck and neck.