Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Rogue Elephant and The Not So Straight Talk Express

After the 150,000 dollar wardrobe scandal, America's most popular Gov. is looking at plummeting polling and mockery every which way she turns. She is not happy. And much like a rogue elephant she is likely to take down the whole campaign with her. (what's left of it anyway.)

Sarah Palin is the rogue elephant in the GOP war room.

The paper suggests "the maverick mom is distancing herself from John McCain and blowing off the advice of senior Republican aides, convinced they're damaging her reputation and ruining the campaign. Things have gotten so tense between Palin and her traveling staff, an insider said, that she's overruling their advice - which was evident last week when she ignored GOP aides piling into waiting cars at a Colorado event and strolled over to the press corps for an impromptu talk.''

A campaign official privately tells the paper: "She's now positioning herself for her own future. Of course, this is bad for John. It looks like no one is in charge.- Mark Silva at The Swamp
If her negatives keep climbing we are likely to see more anger and more blame being thrown around the McCain HQ. I expect to see them at fewer and fewer joint appearances in the next few days. Palin is done with Johnny Crash and now that her mentor Ted Toobz Stevens is guilty as charged she is going to be scrambling to maintain her political position even in her home state. Trooper-gate, 20,000 dollar make-up sessions, and Louis Vuitton bags are certainly not going to help her Alaska Hockey Mom image back home. Sarah is clearly getting pissed and pissy.

Pass the popcorn.