Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama's Own Joe the Plumber

From over at the Huffpo;

Barack Obama's campaign is trotting out its own "Joe the Plumber" to counteract efforts by John McCain to make inroads on the white working class vote.

A reader in Colorado sends over word that the state Democratic Party and the Obama camp are blasting out robocalls from "Joe Martinez," a plumber in Colorado who vouches for the Illinois Democrat's tax plan.

A spokesman for the Colorado Democratic Party confirmed the robocall and said he would try to track down audio. The rough script goes like this:

"...During this week's debate, Barack Obama talked about cutting taxes for middle class families like mine, lowering health care costs for everyone and bringing the change we need in Washington. John McCain ignored the issues and used the debate to launch false attacks against Barack Obama. In fact, McCain - for the third debate in a row - didn't even say the words 'middle class'. So, take it from Joe the plumber, if you want a president who will put middle class families first - join me in voting for Barack Obama. Paid for by the Colorado Democratic Party....

One of the refreshing things this time around is that our candidate fights back and hard. He matches every attack and still remains more positive, calm, and presidential. I am hoping the Plumbers Union that endorsed Obama way back in Jan will get it on all this Joe the Plumber circus. I still can't believe that people are so excited about Joe the Tax-dodger as it is?! sheesh