Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama National Address #001: Open Thread/Live Blogging

Open Thread/Live Blogging.

LIVE from the Seattle Campaign for Change Office, at the GNB News Desk, this is Jesse Wendel.

Mostly I'm going to just watch the event. Because Obama's so dreamy. *laughs*

No, um, I'm going to write. And from time to time I'll refresh the page so you can see what I'm writing.

You may take advantage of the comments section.

I'll be updating this both from the 8 ET feed, and the 8 PT feed. As well as the constant analysis between from the network news stations where everyone and their brothers will have opinions.

Rock and roll.


It's an infomercial.

Health care.

Economy. "The bottom fell out. We're going through the worst economy crisis since the great depression. I'll ensure that you, the middle class, gets paid back first."

Middle class tax cut.
Freeze foreclosures for 90 days.

Elderly people with pensions. Commitment to pensions SHOULD HAVE THE FORCE OF LAW. People should be able to retire with dignity and respect.

Energy independence. Reduce dependence on mid-eastern oil. Five million green jobs which can not be outsourced. Clean coal. (Note: Aaaarrgh.) Wind, solar.

Iraq. Spending $10 billion a month. Need to look at bringing that war to a close. It's time to spend some of that money right here in America. How many schools could that build? How many scholarships?

I'm not worried about Exxon. I'm worried about the guy who has worked 20 years and suddenly sees his job going overseas. That's the guy I'm fighting for.

(Note: Many of these are intercut with stories of "real Americans" whose stories illustrate the point. And with Governors talking about Obama's plan.)

Education. Starts at home. Read to your children. (He tells some of his personal story, about the absence of his father. Then about how his mother raised him, and how he grumbled at age eight.) Early childhood education. More teachers. Higher standards and pay. Every American should have access to an affordable college education.

Every American should have affordable health care. You can keep your same coverage and your same doctor.

My mother in the last months of her life was reading insurance forms while the insurance companies were saying 'maybe there is a pre-existing condition.' This is wrong.

Michelle: He calls [his daughters] every night and talks to them as long as they need.

Obama directly into the camera, American flag off his shoulder: I will never hesitate to protect our country. Be Commander in Chief. Curb Russian aggression. I will also never forget that when I send our forces into battle I am sending sons, daughters, mothers, fathers.

I will always tell you what I think and where I stand.


America -- the time for change has come. In six days we can choose hope over fear.

If you will knock on some doors for me, if you will make some phone calls for me, if you will cast your ballot for me...

Together we will not just win Florida, we will win this country and we will change the world.

Thank you.


I just added the infomercial to the top of the post. *smiles*

Update: 7:45 pm PT

The overwhelming consensus of the Netroots of the East Coast feed is the infomercial was BRILLIANT.

McCain has bupkis with which to answer. Especially as Obama is speaking to our greatest hopes and dreams while McCain is dog-whistling racism, lying, and acting insane. (No disrespect intended to crazy people. Been there, done that.)

Right-wing outrage alert:

  • Debates: "Raise taxes on people making over $250K."
  • Infomercial: "Cut taxes on people making under $200K."
THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO CLAIMS. (Although the right wing is already going freaking ape-shit trying to make Obama out a liar.) People between $200-$250K stay the same. All this is on the Obama website.

Don't worry. Nothing has changed.

Fifteen minutes till the West Coast feed. Talk with you then.


Here we go. Let's hear some damn CHATTER out there...

Economy: Low cost loans for small businesses

Ted Strickland, Governor, Ohio
Kathleen Sebelius, Governor, Kansas

Strickland: "It's a once in a generation kind of leadership and that's what Barack is offering us."

Jesse: What I've been saying for a while is this is the election not even of a generation, but of a lifetime.

Energy Independence: $15 Billion a year in energy independence.
Five million jobs a year in green jobs which can not be outsourced. (Note: on the East Coast feed I said 15 million. I've corrected that above.)

Obama: Every parent in America wants the same thing, a good education for their child.

I'll recruit an army of new teachers and give them more support.

Under my education plan those students could get a tax credit to cover their college education in exchange for [military service or serving their country.]

I know what it's like to see a loved one suffer, not just because they're sick, but because of a broken health care system. And it's wrong.

Michelle: [About his daughters...] He calls them every night. And he talks for as long as they need to talk. He always has time for them.

Obama: It is that fundamental belief. I am my brother's keeper. I am my sister's keeper. There is not a liberal America. There is not a conservative America. There is the United States of America.

As President I will rebuild our military to meet 21st century challenges. I have a close friend who is on his way [to Iraq].

I will not be a perfect president. But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. i will listen to you when we disagree. I will open the doors of government and ask you to be involved with your own democracy again.


In six days we can choose unity over division. The power of change over the status quo. That's what at stake. That's what we're fighting for.


In this last week... if you'll stand with me, and fight by my side, and cast your ballot for me, then together, we'll change this country, and change the world.

Thank you. And God Bless You.


This seals the election for Obama. Well done.

Now it's about down-ticket. Senate, House and State races.

LIVE from Seattle at the GNB News Desk, Jesse Wendel, good night.