Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain Same as Bush: “If I were a Dictator”

McCain: “If I were a Dictator which I've always aspired to be”

This is deeply familiar language.

McCain, like Bush before him, wants to be dictator.

Bush was half joking. McCain isn't joking at all.

McCain = Bush = Cheney = Palin.

Martial law is to civil law, as field rations are to home cooked meals.

True political LEADERS know this.

This is why President George Washington who had JUST FOUGHT AND WON A WAR and who understood the costs of war, a man who, excepting the Indians which wars were yet to be fought, held supreme military and political power in the United States, voluntarily and over the heated requests of many, set aside being General of the Armies in 1783. He worked with the Constitutional Convention (he was its President), and was elected President of the United States, taking the oath in 1789, and a second time in 1792. He remains the only President ever to receive 100% of the electoral votes.

After serving two terms as President, Washington retired and went home. No life-time Secret Service protection then; the Secret Service wasn't created till 1865 and Congress didn't order it to take over Presidential Protection duties till 1902. Also no pension for retired Presidents, or speaking tours at $100K a pop. He just retired and went home. Admittedly he was really freaking rich, but that isn't the point. He had all the power in the country, military and civil, and over the course of a decade, he laid it all down, retired and went home.

John McCain wants to be a dictator. George Bush and Dick Cheney came damn close. The stockades where the unruly, the enemies of the State, will go have already been built.

Odds of someone asking McCain about wanting to be a dictator in an upcoming debate? Zero.

Watch the tape repeatedly. That look like a man joking to you?

Me neither.