Friday, October 31, 2008

Homesick on Halloween

Halloween makes me homesick. Actually the whole fall-season does. I am from Philly- and the north east is the BEST place to be in the fall, even in a regular year when we are not WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!! Did I mention that I am a Phillies fan?

One of my favorite things to do when I still lived in Philly-- and not far away here in Tokyo, was to go to the Henri David Ball.

Henri is a fantastic and famous jewelery designer in Philadelphia and a wonderful leader in the gay community and every year for years and years he has thrown one of the most kick ass Halloween costume balls evah! He even changes his amazing costumes multiple times all night long (top photo one of his creations from last year)

I used to go EVERY year. It was a not to miss on the calendar.

The slogan for the party has remained the same.

Don't Come as You ARE, Come as You Want To Be.

I have seen some of the best most creative costumes in the world at that party. One year I went as "Candyland" that was a lot of fun to make. especially the hershy kiss choker and sexy boots. I did a whole Tank girl thing one year, and once I went as a pumpkin and my date went as Peter. (oh my!)

But my best efforts never held a candle to some of the amazing costumes I have seen at that party. WOW.

At the stroke of midnight the runway contest begins. Always has 2 parts, first half is the cross dressers part- high fashion- gorgeous! Then the Halloween costume portion. Amazing stuff. Big prizes, and always some famous judges. Ed Rendell was a judge once when he was still our mayor and not yet our gov.

This photographer, Cliff Mautner, has some great shots up (including the one at the top of the post) from last year.

In a political year the campaign costumes are always outstanding. I am sure that the GLTB community will be out in Anti-Palin force this year! I hope I can find some photos online after this weekend.

The day after Halloween, "The Day of the Dead" is then celebrated down on South Street. Great cure for your Halloween Hang Over.

Philly, where the Phun is!
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