Sunday, October 26, 2008

As the Election Draws Near, Talk of Senate Replacements for Obama, Biden or McCain Heat Up

photo is Jesse Jackson Jr. Receiving the Backbone award.

If Obama becomes the new Occupant of the Oval Office on Pennsylvania Ave. then according to The Hill, the short list for his senate seat includes;

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr
Rep. Jan Schakowsky
Rep. Rahm Emanuel
Tammy Duckworth, director of the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs

I Like Jesse for the seat. I heard him speak a few times and his work (and thinking) on voting rights has been fantastic. He needs a new website though- seriously!
Apparently the unpopular Gov. of Illinois is not a Jesse fan, so we shall see.

Tammy has done good work I hear-- but I still have resentment about her being forced on us by Rahm in the primary. And after she defeated our more progressive candidate she then lost the election. feh. And don't even get me started on Rahm. I really loathe him. He is as far from progressive as Lieberman, and just about as trustworthy.

Biden is hoping to help clear the way for his son Beau to take his seat, though this is complicated since he will likely be in Iraq when his father steps down from the seat.

On The McCain side the D. Gov. of Arizona is required by state law to choose a member of the same party as McCain to fill the seat. No much is known about who the Gov. might choose, since rumor has it that she wants to run for the seat herself after her term as Gov. ends. She would certainly want to pick a weak republican in that case.

Alaska would hold a special election for Gov. if the McCain Palin ticket wins. (but at that point who cares as we would all be headed for hell in a handbasket!)