Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallow's Eve Pre-Pumpkin Open Thread

Are you going to any Halloween Parties this weekend?

Are you wearing a costume? Working on costumes with other family members? What are you going to be?

Any particular plans, ghost stories to share, halloween horror stories, happy memories, plans for binge candy eating, (or in MB's case, making)? Share here!

One of my favorite Halloween stories ever-- A guy who came to one of our old parties as the invisible man, totally bandaged up in a trench coat, no one knew who he was all night, he had totally faked us out by calling that morning to say he was sick and couldn't come but that the wife was coming anyway (he did a very convincing sick guy) Anyway, everyone thought they knew who it was and all manner of inappropriate things were whispered at him. One gal was so sure it was an old boyfriend of hers that she groped him a big after a few beers... The unveiling at the end of the night was priceless. (she was pretty embarrassed!) And his wife never let her forget it!

Have fun! And we have some more Halloween threads on the way.
Also-- if you have any good photos send them to me by email and I will post them up!