Monday, September 15, 2008

Truthiness and Pinocchio Politics

Street art meets political action. Folks over at Pinocchio Politics are starting a campaign to encourage activists and voters, esp. in swing states, to make a statement of their own in answer to campaign stump speech lies from McPalin. This kind of creative action instills a lasting visual memory in voters. I am hoping they will add a photo gallery to their site if this takes off. Yes, it can get a little gimmicky, but in 04 the RNC was very effective with their props. Might not be a bad strategy to fight fire with fire.

from the site;

Welcome to Pinocchio Politics. This site was created to help average hardworking Americas who are sick of politicians lying to get elected. To help put the spotlight on the McCain/Palin campaigns repeated lying we need you to show up at every single McCain/Palin event wearing Pinocchio Noses.

In 2004 the Republicans were able to successful label John Kerry as a flip-flopper and one of the tools they used was to bring Flip-Flops to his rally's We can do the same to McCain.

Here's how it works.

Step One: Find out when the next McCain or Palin event is near you. If there are none near where you live see if you have any friend near one and tell them about this site.

Step Two: Get yourself a Pinocchio Nose. (See links below or go to your local Halloween Store)

Step Three: Keep your nose hidden until you actually get into the Event .

Step Four: As soon as they start talking put on your nose. If they bring up the bridge to nowhere or other lies start shouting "Liar, Liar"

Its that simple. And remember to have fun.
We are not recommending any specific shop but here are a few we found to get you started.