Friday, September 19, 2008

I Saw The Democrats Speaking To the Devil!

I tell you, I just wake up utterly shocked each and every day by the bizarre twists and turns of the POW & the Prom Queen on Parade. As pointed out by commenter Steve K, Sarah Palin was impressed and grateful to one, Pastor Muthee, a visiting pastor from Africa, for praying over her and helping her become Gov. of Alaska.

Muthee, who rose in influence in the churches of Africa by being a self proclaimed witch hunter-- has, according to the several sources, been a guest speaker at Palin's church on at least 10 occasions. On one occasion when she was mayor he prayed over her and urged God to "Make a way..." for Sarah's rise in political power.

The pastor whose prayer Sarah Palin says helped her to become governor of Alaska founded his ministry with a witch hunt against a Kenyan woman who he accused of causing car accidents through demonic spells. -London Times Online
Most people were afraid to go out at night. There were a few churches in Kiambu, but none of them had an attendance of over 100, and hardly any of the people were committed Christians. God spoke to Pastor Thomas Muthee, a Kenyan native, that he wanted him to start a church in Kiambu, which at the time had a population of about 65,000. Muthee plainly heard the voice of God say these words: "I want you to plant a church in Kiambu." Pastor Muthee was an evangelist who had done some post-graduate work in Scotland in 1988. His wife was a teacher. When God spoke to them, they decided first to spend some time praying and seeking why Kiambu was such a spiritually oppresses area. They spent six months in prayer and fasting, seeking God's guidance. They did not go into Kiambu at any time during that six months. They were seeking to know what was the dominate spirit over Kiambu.

The first thing that Muthee found out was that the city was dominated by a woman that everyone called Mama Jane. Mama Jane pretended to be a Christian, and operated an office in the downtown area which she called the Emmanuel Clinic, but her business was pure witchcraft! Right outside of her clinic, there was an intersection [a dusty road] that had frequent fatal automobile accidents -- but hardly any of them left any blood stains! No one was able to explain why so many people were killed at that intersection, or why there was hardly ever any spilled blood. Her customers were the leading politicians and businessmen of Kiambu.

Pastor Muthee said, "When we began to recognize who - or what - Mama Jane really was, my wife Margaret and I set ourselves to pray. Our aim was to break the power of witchcraft over the town- from "The power of prayer over witchcraft"

At a speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God on June 8 this year, Mrs Palin described how Thomas Muthee had laid his hands on her when he visited the church as a guest preacher in late 2005, prior to her successful gubernatorial bid.

In video footage of the speech, she is seen saying: “As I was mayor and Pastor Muthee was here and he was praying over me, and you know how he speaks and he’s so bold. And he was praying “Lord make a way, Lord make a way.”

“And I’m thinking, this guy’s really bold, he doesn’t even know what I’m going to do, he doesn’t know what my plans are. And he’s praying not “oh Lord if it be your will may she become governor,” no, he just prayed for it. He said “Lord make a way and let her do this next step. And that’s exactly what happened.” -Hannah Strange, London Times Online.

The video clip which also includes a crazy ad for the "Masters Commission" and Armageddon preaching, should be sent to pretty much everyone who might remotely consider this GOP ticket plausible.

Palin list of oddities; punishing rape victims by charging them for their exam, firing librarians and discussing banning books, threatening and firing police officers, and now we can add--
praising and thanking witch hunters for their influence in her election victory.

(seriously, truth is stranger than fiction) Where is Arthur Miller when you need him. I wonder if Muthee is praying for his ticket to the inauguration ball in 2009. I shudder to think.