Monday, September 15, 2008


Obama is setting McCain up; will call McCain a Liar during Debates

McCain/Palin are pathological liars.

Even though their lying has been exposed, they tell the same lies over and over again.

With even Fox News now calling McCain a liar, I can't wait for the debates.

It's a sucker's play. McCain

  • Admits being a liar. Yeah, right.
  • Denies what everyone knows is true, lying yet again, on national TV, or
  • Blows his top. And loses the election.
As Lakoff points out:
Huffington Post

...voters vote for president not primarily on the issues, but on five other factors -- "character" factors: Values; Authenticity; Communication and connection; Trust; and Identity.
The meme of McCain as a liar is knocking the hell out of McCain on Values, Authenticity, and Trust. In addition, it strikes at the core of McCain's identity as a straight talker.

Obama is on the attack. About fracking time.