Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Random Name That Tune. . .

This Is What's Been Playing While I Work on the Doughnuts Post

There has also been a lot of opera and classical stuff bubbling up. I'm glossing over them in order to cut right into the lyric things. "Macbeth" by Verdi, and "Der Zieberflute" by Mozart have been represented, along with the "Waltz Cycle" of Chopin. Answer key is up at Harp and Sword

1. Robert Johnson "Terraplane Blues" named by derrick
And I feel so lonesome you hear me when I moan
When I feel so lonesome you hear me when I moan
Who been drivin' my Terraplane for you since I been gone
I'd said I flash your lights, mama your horn won't even blow
(Spoken: Somebody's been runnin' my batteries down on this machine)

2. " 'Deed I Do" Identified by Marek (my version was Ella Fitzgerald)
Do I want you? Oh my, do I,
Honey, indeed I do

Do I need you? Oh my, do I
Honey, a-deed I do

3. "Jolie Blon" Doug Kershaw ---Point to Makeda
Jolie blonde, regardez donc quoi t'as fait,
Tu m'as quitte pour t'en aller,
Pour T'en aller avec un autre, oui, que moi,
Quel espoir et quel avenir, mais, moi, je vais avoir?

4. Reece scores with John Mayer "No Such Thing"
"Welcome to the real world", she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black

5. "Jesus, The Missing Years" John Prine identified by Myrtle Hussain June
It was raining. it was cold
West bethlehem was no place for a twelve year old
So he packed his bags and he headed out
To find out what the worlds about

6. 7th Sister named "Guitar Town" by Steve Earle
Hey pretty baby are you ready for me
It's your good rockin' daddy down from Tennessee
I'm just out of Austin bound for San Antone
With the radio blastin' and the bird dog on

7. "Poncho's Lament" - - - Tom Waits

Well the stairs sound so lonely without you
And I ain't made my bed in a week
Coffee stains on the paper I'm writing
And I'm too choked up inside to speak

8. "Trenchtown Rock" Bob Marley and the Wailers - Point to US Blues
One good thing about music, when it hits you (you feel no pain)
Oh, oh, I say, one good thing about music, when it hits you (you feel no pain)
Hit me with music,
Hit me with music now

9. "Blistered" Johnny Cash
I got great big blisters on my bloodshot eyes
From looking at that long legged woman up ahead
What she does simply walking down the sidewalks of that city
Makes me think about a stray cat getting fed

10. Gabe Nichols recognised "Down By the Glenside, or, The Bold Fenian Men" I was listening to the late, great, Tommy Makem. A fine man, a lovely soul whom I miss a lot.
'Twas down by the glenside, I met an old woman
She was picking young nettles and she scarce saw me coming
I listened a while to the song she was humming
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men

Pretty cool mix. Some obscure, some not. No live bootlegs this morning, but that's a function of random. . .

Have fun!