Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cupcakes for Change @ Barack the Vote in Tokyo Japan

#cupcakes for change

With a ton of help last night from some of the Best Community Organizers I know-- we held a "down-to-the-wire" Barack the Vote event to register Democrats Abroad voters and put the party back into the PARTY.

I am convinced, now more than ever, that cupcakes make everything a little more festive. (maybe it's just me)

The event was a success on many levels, personal and political. We had more willing volunteers than in previous years and they did a better than fantastic job. Delegating and trusting good people to do what needs to be done makes this kind of event much much easier and more successful too!

We planned BTV for last night because we are down to our last days to find and register Americans living over seas. We certainly found a bunch last night and registered 20% of the attendees!

We had 25 performers who did an AMAZING job.

This was one of the best lineups we've ever had for an event of this type. And it felt great to help promote local, live music. We had quite a few international performers who really highlighted the feeling that the world is pulling for us, is afraid for us, and is urging us to get it right this time. I made a few musical discoveries tonight, will share them a bit over the next few days.

Barack the Vote went off with very few bumps and no bruises. We raised some money for GOTV advertising, especially in our Stars and Stripes weekly papers at the American military bases in Japan. For the first time ever we are advertising in S&S in Tokyo, Kansai and Okinawa.

We also raised money for Amnesty International-- who are the front line of defense for human rights abuses world wide.

We sold great buttons and T-shirts, ate too many sweets, (cupcakes, brownies, cheesecake, cookies, and other yummy stuff) drank too many drinks and basically had a wonderful time!

This weekend is phone banking and debate prep. I am scheduled to debate the chair of Republicans Abroad Japan on 9/30 (wishes of luck and lots of advice would be appreciated)

Special thanks to all the volunteers, musicians, and the venue staff who made it all work. Especially Miki, Terri, & Tom, Yoyogibear, Chris, Pat, Kat, John, Jeffy, Tom, Robb, Marcellus, Mike K. and sooooo many more people that I have to stop now or I'd be typing names all morning.

Yesterday I was down-- economic worries, Palin news and Lady Lynn frustrations. BUT we Barack'd the Vote hard last night and I feel much better.

46 days left. What are you doing to GOTV and take our country back? Share in the thread.