Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brand Obama

It struck me today, there are a lot of things about this campaign that are different.

Print magazine recently ran a review of campaign signs over the years--but there is no online link. I did find this site showing recent political signs, truly an example of the good the bad and the ugly.

Check out this monstrosity.

Or this;

But like so much of Barack Obama's improbable journey- even his print image is different.

The Obama logo is recognized literally around the world. I didn't know (till now) where the logo came from, who made it? But it is really quite something. Patriotic but not nationalistic. Recognizable but not patronizing. Simple, elegant and it really captures a hopeful feeling. Not sure I even thought it was possible to capture hope in a logo... a path way through Obama to a better future. Red white and a new kind of blue.

And it has been a fun logo to play with as many constituency groups have done.

Plus it is simple to recreate on hand painted signs, barns, fans, buttons, shirts, shoes, tatoos. You name it-- they've done it. There is even a site to create your own customized version.

And I find this very cool lego-logo. (disclosure- I love Legos)

logo by Jamiee

Branding is looked on by most of us lefties with a cynical eye and a wary stance against corporate America- But this logo really has been a focal point, and the postive image it projects has helped bring people together.

The folks that made the logo-- Sender LLC. Check out their presentation, interesting. Nice that he chose a small local firm.

I leave you with this one...