Sunday, August 17, 2008

When You are Rich I Guess You Can Buy a Huge Microphone

photo From the The Duchess of Cornwall's visit to the British Memorial Garden at Hanover Square, New York. Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild.

Prominent Dem Abroad Lady Lynn de Rothschild who served on the Dem Platform committee this cycle perpetrates a hit piece on the Democratic Party Nominee a week before the convention.

Barack Obama can use the words ‘the American dream’, but they don’t resonate,” she said. “He magnified the problem by going to Berlin and calling himself a citizen of the world.” She also resents a lack of effort to pay off Clinton’s $20m campaign debt. “He has provided her with a pittance compared to what the Clintons have given Obama,” Rothschild said. “Her debt could have been cleared within 10 days. It’s ungracious.”

Rothschild has not yet made up her mind. “I haven’t ruled out voting for McCain,” she said. “I like him a lot.” She is waiting to see who Obama picks as his running mate and has her heart set on Clinton. Sarah Baxter Times of London
Lady de Rothschild in addition to being a long time Clinton supporter and donor (The Rothschilds spent the night of their wedding dinner in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House when Bill Clinton was president) was helping on the DNC Platform committee this year. Yes, a democrat threatening in the international press to support John McCain-- helped craft our platform.

The story goes on to reference all the key talking points in Rovian-art style.

1. He's not really American
2. He's elitist (seriously a Rothschild called him elitist)
3. He's a usurper (Machiavellian meme)
4. He's unelectable


Do I sound resentful? Damn straight. I was a Howard Dean supporter and then a Dean delegate to the convention in 2004 and was told, after we lost, that party unity was more important. I turned around and threw my heart into everything I could do to help get John Kerry elected.

In 2008 I ran for DNC and was told after winning that I should understand that now I had a responsibility to put Party first. I was told that some of my firebrand rhetoric would not be appropriate and that my job as a DNC member would be to help promote my state party. Unity being the key word in that story as well.

And yet, here is a prominent Dem Abroad, who is representing Americans Overseas on the platform, coming out with a list of GOP talking points against our candidate.

So unity is for the grassroots-- but not the leadership? Unity can be used to tell the grassroots in 2004 to behave but not party members like Lady de Rothschild now? She can say what she wants and then, in a recent email from an elected officer in Dems Abroad, she is praised for all her work on the platform.

What's the difference between her and me? And that buys her a pass to say anything she wants about the nominee in the press and still be a leadership voice in the DNC.

*Update Lady de Rothschild follow up on foxnews.

oh, and on cnn she slams again but this time going under her pre-Rothschild maiden name so she can tout the "elite" meme more credibly.