Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vice Presidential BBQ

photos, tlg, Denver Convention 2008

A food note from Denver.

One of the places we grabbed a quick bite as Boney's BBQ Smokehouse. We were too late for the ribs since the delegates had eaten them practically out of house and home. But they had great pulled pork sandwiches and I had the spicy sausage link (above). It was hot. hot. hot.

Joe Biden ate here this week and the papers covered it-- so Boney's went from local shack to overnight convention hit. By Friday lunch they were even out of baked beans. They were having fun. And the real down home sweet tea was just what we needed after all that fire and spice.

Little local places like this fit into our GNB Real Deal Dialog.
What are the best local shacks in your neck -a- the woods?