Saturday, August 30, 2008

Unseen Bean and Disaboom at the Big Tent

One of the side projects I worked on at the Convention was a citizen journalism project by Reuters, called "Inside the Tent." For the DNC Convention and The GOP fest next week, Reuters lent flip cameras to delegates, and other attendees to get video coverage of behind the scenes views of people who are passionate about their politics and attending their party's convention.

I did about 30 small interviews and one of them was with Gerry of Unseen Bean.

What a great guy and what a great project. I was happy that Gerry and Disaboom were in the Blogger tent, and had such a prominent position in the room. Their coffee was GREAT and really did make it easier to keep on writing and working. THANKS!

and if you like good coffee, check out Unseen Bean's online store.

Take a look at the video and be sure to send some blog love with comments! I think if my videos get more views they will post more of the ones that I shot.