Sunday, August 10, 2008

More on The FAA

Digging around now in the FAA as a follow up to my Running on Empty post yesterday...

Seems like we have had only an "Acting" FAA administrator since last year. And rumor says he's on his way out too after doing a "Heck'uva Job." His name is Bobby Sturgell. And on paper he looks like an ok choice. He got the head job in Nov. 07 in a recess appointment. Reason for that is that congress was not going to approve any appointee for the 5 year FAA term-- the Dems choosing to hold out to put their own person in place next year. So Bobby moved from deputy to head honcho.

Seems his performance, and attendance, has been questionable. (what a surprise) I can't understand why these guys can't at least SHOW UP to half heartedly do their jobs. Between the head idiot at the pig farm to the new Republican candidate missing most of his votes, the GOP have the work ethic of a three toed tree sloth. (no offense intended to sloths as they can't help it)

According to a reliable source from a position high-up in the aviation community, one Robert Allan ("Bobby") Sturgell recently verbally shared with at least two colleagues the following:

(1) Sturgell has ALREADY given notice that he will be leaving his FAA post as Acting Administrator, by, or in, November 2008; and

(2) Current FAA "Assistant Administrator For Regions And Center Operations" Ruth Leverenz will be "Acting" in Sturgell's absence - (which quizzically therefore will make her the "Acting, Acting" Administrator!).


Sturgell's shamed flight from his job, is corroborated by the 2 recent near-misses at JFK airport; FAA payment of US$100,000 bonuses to every Beavis and Butthead who is willing to say "I Was A Teen-Age Air Traffic Controller"; and most noticeably, Sturgell's apparent recent absence at key FAA events. For example, it is reported that in a recent press conference regarding FAA-claimed safety-related changes to exploding fuel tanks, John Hickey (FAA Aircraft Certification Service, Director, AIR-1) spoke for FAA, with apparently no sign of Bobby Sturgell present. Similarly, it is reported that the July 17, 2008 NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign meeting in D.C. was headed by FAA COO Hank Krakowski, and not by Bobby Sturgell.

While we used to ask, "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" - we can now ask "Where in the world is Bobby Sturgell?". from John J. Tormey III via iReport
I want to check into the person Bobby "no-show" Sturgell replaced and see what other interesting FAA improvements have been made under the Bush and Co. team of corrupt and incompetent dunderheads.