Sunday, August 10, 2008

Headliner Program Announced for the DNCC in Denver

The 2008 Convention will highlight Americans coming together to change the course of this nation," said Kansas Governor and Convention Co-Chair Kathleen Sebelius. "We are at a critical moment in our nation's history. The politics and policies that have divided us will not allow us to achieve the change we need. Barack Obama is a leader to move America in a new direction and bring us together to turn moments of great challenge into moments of great opportunity. This year's Democratic Convention is the story of people from across the country who believe it is time for change.


Monday August 25th's headline prime-time speaker will be Michelle Obama.

Senator Hillary Clinton will be the headline prime-time speaker on Tuesday August 26th.

The headline prime-time speaker on Wednesday August 27th will be Barack Obama's Vice Presidential nominee.

On Thursday, August 28th, the DNCC will move to INVESCO Field at Mile High so that more people can take part in the fourth night of the Convention as Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination.