Friday, August 8, 2008

McCain Pimps Out His Wife or Sucking Up To The Voters

John and Cindy McCain, Sturgis, SD, August 8, 2008. photo Mary Altaffer/AP.

Miss Buffalo Chip

If you missed the story, it's simple.

McSame and the Money were in Sturgis, SD for the annual motorcycle rally.

Twenty-thousand bikers and biker chicks, beer, whiskey, and guns. Par-TY.

And tits. Lots of tits.

Somehow though, as Michael Shaw of BAGnewNotes points out, the closest any photographer came to getting a photo of Senator McCain with said naked tits is in the above photo. Gosh... I wonder how they ALL managed to miss that?

McCain volunteered his wife Cindy to compete in Miss Buffalo Chip, a frequently topless contest which sometimes ends bottomless. To win, scantly sometimes nude women fake orgasms while performing oral sex on bananas or dildos in front of hundreds of people. That's truly sucking up to the voters.

Washington Post

In introducing his wife, McCain noted the ongoing beauty pageant at the event and said that he had "encouraged Cindy to compete. I told her, with a little luck, she could be the only person ever to serve as first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip."
Cindy was presumably proud of her sexual attractiveness. Hell, after being called a Trollop in front of reporters, what does she expect?

The tradmed thought it was CUTE. We DFHers... not so much.

Jesse Taylor of Pandagon said it best.

John McCain Wants His Wife To Win A Fake Orgasm Contest

All I’m saying is that if Barack Obama had gone to an event with 20,000 people wasting gas to talk about energy and said that his wife should have simulated sucking a banana dick between another woman’s legs, this race would be fucking over.

I've got your liberal media bias right here, mother-fucker.