Friday, August 15, 2008

Fighting Back Against Swift Boat, Scum Bag Lies

The Obama campaign has a rapid response site set up to fight the Corsi book (what a waste of trees.) I am pleased that this year the Dems are striking back. A lot of the rebuttal ammo is coming from those great people at Media Matters!

Take a look, and if you think this book is as disgusting AND stupid as I do; write some letters. Then tell your friends. I am so sick and tired of Corsi and his ilk and the right wing welfare mechanism that provides for these liars and cheats-- gives them a 24/7 mic on fox and buys enough copies for the mailing list of the Heritage Foundation just to try to push their half-assed attempts at writing onto the NY Times Bestseller list. Quite a racket.

More on Corsi from the Frameshop as well.