Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blackwater Mercenaries Usurp Contracts Meant for Small Businesses

photo from Mosquito Blog

I wonder when the time of corporate, blatant disregard of rules, regulations and the law will be over?

So we all already know Blackwater is despicable. But it seems that the billions of dollars of government contracts that they were legally eligible for (using the word loosely) were not enough. A recent audit reveals that in the efforts to be the only game in town, Blackwater illegally applied for and received contracts that were designated for small businesses. The maxim being of course that too much is never enough.

Washington - Blackwater Worldwide, the contractor whose provision of private security in Iraq has been under scrutiny, and its affiliated companies may have improperly obtained more than $100 million in contracts meant for small businesses, according to federal auditors.

A report by the Small Business Administration's inspector general, issued in July, found that Blackwater and its affiliates, including Presidential Airways, won 39 contracts in the fiscal years 2005, 2006 and 2007 despite indications that the companies employed more than the number specified by the U.S. government. In some cases, the report said, the companies also had higher revenues than allowed for a small business. --Elizabeth Olson, International Herald Tribune
These companies, like Blackwater-- are going to work very hard to support John McCain for President.

We need a new ad featuring him side by side with mercenaries, oil company moguls, fawning media celebrities, and racists. After all- these are his base.