Monday, August 4, 2008

Belated Birthday Thank Yous To All

Us Leos Looooooooooove Fresh Meat! Yum!

Well kiddies, your friendly, neighborhood LowerManhattanite is just now getting around to celebrating his birthday with gusto. My Gatorific co-hort here put up the Happy Birthday post last Sunday and I saw all the wonderful birthday wishes you, the readers posted up for me and by God...I truly appreciated it.

You'll note though, that I didn't reply in that thread. That wasn't because I was being mean, or was having a Jack Benny “39” fit of birthday pique, but rather, I was just a touch under the weather for a few days coming off of Netroots Nation and all of that. My one-time cast-iron stomach has become a rice-paper sieve, thanks to years of stress and the worry-free task of raising three teenagers in New York City. My ulcer, (diagnosed fifteen years ago) decided to say, “Konichiwa, bitch...remember me?” and render me doubled-over and unable to keep any food in me for three days straight.


So, while all the well-wishes were flowing in, I had stuff flowing...oh, never mind. You get it. Papa was a gastro-intestinal mess.

But, I'm much better now, (as of Thursday night) and the postponed birthday festivities all took place in the last 72 hours and were simply magical. I feel great, look pretty damn good (my regular barber is back in town after working on set as a stylist for a movie, so I could get my lid “did” at last), and have a slew of fun goodies stacked up for you all this week here on GNB.

But mainly here, I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind and heartfelt birthday wishes. I'm not big on my birthday in general for a variety of reasons, but seeing all of those lovely sentiments spelled out by you folks really touched me. It's nice to be cared about a little, and when people you've never met come across with such meaningful wishes and words...well, I think it'd make even Genghis Khan's lower lip quiver a little bit, too. (Maybe even Vice-President Cheney's too—but then, that could just be him using his tongue to dislodge a bit of just-chewed baby from between his teeth)

You readers, and all of my fellow co-bloggers here—Jesse, Gator, Hubris, Sara, Big E, Maggie and That Minstrel Fella make it all worthwhile, and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words and wishes.

And to you, Senator John Sidney McCain, you sanctimonious, haterific, duplicitous, soft-serve little birthday hiatus is over.

Put your asbestos suit on, or better some neck-stretching exercises, the better to aid you in kissing your own ass “goodbye” electorally.

You had your week to “set the message”.

Now I get mine. Twelve of 'em in fact until election day.

As Dave Chappelle's 'Rick James' said, “Enjoy that!”