Wednesday, August 13, 2008

700 Days Without a Contract

One of the great things about the GNB community is all the ideas you all share in the comment threads and in emailing me (us). My recent focus/obsession with the plight of airlines, pilots and air traffic controllers, lead one reader to send me an amazing set of links to blogs written by Controllers and I also found some by pilots.

The reader asked, "Why doesn't the progressive b'sphere ever tune into the frequency of any of the excellent air traffic controller blogs?"

Why indeed? I think it is largely that that are so many outrages, so many evils and incompetencies perpetrated by this administration in the last 8 years and the conservative agenda of the last 30 that it is hard to follow even a small % of the topics that need covering.

While looking around the great blogs she sent me to I found this fact.

Air Traffic Controllers who keep everyone of us safe when we fly have been operating without a contract for over 700 days!

Don Brown from Get the Flick is asking for our help.
Write your senator. ASAP!

Senator _______,

I am writing to ask you to sign on as a cosponsor of S3416 -- The Federal Aviation Administration Employee Retention Act.

The FAA's controllers have been without a contract for over 700 days. Controllers are retiring faster than the FAA can train new-hires. Please help resolve this situation now -- before any more damage is done to our National Airspace System.

Please become a cosponsor of The Federal Aviation Administration Employee Retention Act.


Copy the text above and then click here to find your Senators. Fill in the blanks, sign your name and you’re done. Time yourself. You’ll be done in less that 5 minutes. I promise it won’t hurt.
--Don Brown
Don is a retired controller trying to help his former colleagues and expose all the BS that puts Americans in danger every time we fly. He is a patriot for sure and his blog is quite interesting though at times, very scary.