Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VP Stakes; The Gov. Tim Kaine Edition

Virginia's Tim Kaine, with Barack Obama (Reuters photo)

Starting to wind down now, they must be getting close to deciding. (especially since there are all those signs to be printed before the convention)

Gov. Tim Kaine is reportedly moving towards the top of the short list. (And he passes the tlg vice presidential photo test)
WASHINGTON - Barack Obama appeared close to selecting his presidential running-mate Tuesday, as intense speculation thrust the rumoured front-runner onto a political hot seat. Timothy Kaine, who was elected governor of the swing state of Virginia three years ago, issued a series of uncomfortable denials after reports emerged that Obama was close to picking him to round out the Democratic ticket.

"My mom loves it," Kaine told a Washington radio station that had already scheduled an interview with him Tuesday before a front-page Washington Post story and a leading political blog branded him Obama's likely selection.

"I haven't sought it. I'm not running for it. I'm not asking for it," Kaine later told reporters.-- Mike Blanchfield, Canwest News Service
Kaine is a pretty middle of the road, uninspiring choice to me. He supports a mishmash of positions I like and hate.

*Kaine practiced law in Richmond for 17 years. He focused on representing people who were denied housing opportunities based on their race or disability.
*Anti Death Penalty (yeah!)
*Anti-choice as a matter of personal conviction, though not actively working on broad legislative measures
*(exception to above) Anti late term abortion.
*Pro mandatory vaccinations (???!!! This makes me very uncomfortable)
*Pro tighter gun legislation-- this position a reaction to the Virginia Tech Shooter
*Kaine opposed an amendment to the Virginia Constitution defining marriage as that between one man and one woman, but publicly stated that he personally opposes same-sex marriage.

All in all, this one leaves me pretty uncomfortable. You?